Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"I'm THRILLED to be in Corpus right now."

openrds#700942 writes:
OMG!!! I'm ecstatic all of the sudden! I just went to the Destination Bayfront meeting and had my socks knocked off. Then I just read about CCISD's efforts to start a mentorship program that will build our kids up instead of funnelling them into our jail system. Then the best burritos ever are coming to town and NOW I read that 6-points is about to live up to its potential. I am THRILLED to be in Corpus Christi right now. This really is a new beginning for our community!!!!!! Yay!!!!

This is one of the comments from a new Caller article today about planned 6 Points improvements. As with most of Corpus, there's another area that has "potential" written all over it. When I first came to town some of my hosts at Baker Middle School took me to lunch at the Nuevo Cafe. I could see then that good things had at least begun there.

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