Saturday, March 6, 2010

A couple of things to leave Corpus with

Today is the last day for the Corpus project. Blog traffic has been slow so I have not posted much lately; nonetheless, KSpace has a party here tonight for the end of the Oso Bay Biennial, and it seems like a closing post is only appropriate. On some level I do hope that an inquiry comes that seeks to take over the blog, because I'd like to think there is value in keeping the posts going. probably should go over to Facebook, though...!
Ok, on to the posts...

Post A is about "inchvesting," an interesting project in Detroit where a local artist/developer is selling an inner-city vacant lot for $1 per inch. He has titled it "Loveland": "Because Loveland is physically located in Detroit, it takes those 500 inchvestors, and it ties us to Detroit, which means that the development of Detroit is now of critical importance to hundreds of people who don't live or work in Detroit," [inchvestor Rita] King says. "And now I, for one, am starting to look very closely at Detroit, and how can I help Detroit level up along with Loveland in our small way."

Seems like an interesting project for creatively re-using distressed urban land. Owners can do what they wish with their inches. Proceeds will be used to fund grant projects for future Detroit re-development projects.

Post B is another article from Detroit about creative thinking re-purposing existing structures. Here, a couple of people bought a house for $1900 and are gutting it to become an off-the grid power station for the house next door. Oh...and and art center, too, of course!

Corpus, get busy being creative. Lots of love and I hope to see you flourish--Robert

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